• By Gary Crallé

An Artea Afternoon in Dublin

One of the city tours offered during the SATW Cdn chapter’s Dublin AGM was a special treat perfect for that cool rainy day. Our stop was The Merrion, a 5-star member hotel of Ireland’s Blue Book, a diverse group of unique manor houses, castles, historic homes and restaurants across the island.

The hotel consists of 4 townhouses decorated with 3 centuries of European furniture plus an art collection dating from the late 17th century. The idea was to create a refined and welcoming atmosphere. They even let ME in!

Our host Mary McElroy gave us an overview of the hotel’s art collection, inner courtyard garden and restaurant after which we were seated in a classic drawing room for afternoon tea. Not just any tea. A very special tea: The Merrion’s own Art Tea.

The concept as explained by chef Paul Kelly is not to replicate the artwork on the walls (an attempt that didn’t work because baking has requirements that paintings don’t), but instead to capture the essence of these works.

In addition to a tiered tray of sandwiches and sweets accompanied by bubbly, select teas and coffee, we sampled 3 miniature creations inspired by 3 artists whose styles and subject matter were markedly different.

Definitely a fun way to have your cake and get your art too.

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