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Work With Me 

With a background in photojournalism and location photography, I specialize in artfully documenting the essence of travel for web / print publications and for industry partners.


I do this in two ways:
* as a visual narrative (photo-based) story teller
* as a content creator for image libraries to meet the needs of websites, blogs, social media and publicity in the travel field 


Story Teller
Visual narratives provide more depth than single social media posts. Everyone looks at pictures, and studies show top quality images earn the most views.


My approach is editorial in style with a strong sense of design. I concentrate on what is good for body and soul (history & culture, gastronomy, health & leisure) and the spirit within us (geography, self-discovery/adventure) — the pursuits of travellers. 


Content Creator
High quality images are essential when creating a strong allure for travellers.


Every facet of travel has its unique character and stories in addition to elements of universal appeal. Geographic, social and cultural  elements all contribute to a sense of place. With sensitivity and finesse I weave these details into the fabric that defines a business.


My joy is documenting this beauty and excellence for the world to see. I offer expert location photography with a fresh point of view for travel anywhere on the planet. And I'm fun to work with.

Three women display a cake and cupcakes in a bakery
Flowers falling on a swimming pool
Close-up of face on a wooden totem pole
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