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A Lighthouse Named Fish?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Well, not exactly, but Baccarro Point Lighthouse does derive its name from baccolaos which is Basque for cod fish. The southernmost tip of Nova Scotia is also the oldest place name in the province thanks to the Basque who fished these waters centuries ago.

Twenty-four WRENS (Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service) were stationed here to protect a secret radio service (LORAN) during WW II. Their instructions were to “Shoot, set the dynamite and then run like hell.” Thankfully, it never came to that, although a radar dome from the Cold War still lingers.

As we were clambering over the rocks to record this simple yet scenic location a vehicle arrived and parked by the lighthouse. That’s how we met retired local resident and amateur poet Edward Nickerson (bottom center). Edward had been making notes and offered to read a few passages from his soon to be published book. His voice shared a tender lament for those lost at sea, and made the lighthouse even more pertinent for us. And personal. That’s how it is in the Maritimes.

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