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  • by chef Xavier Pérez Stone

Mexican Rib Eye recipe

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

An update on my Riviera Maya travel story: Grand Velas Resorts' Chef Xavier Pérez Stone took home the top prize in the 2014 Iron Chef International competition held in Toronto!

Xavi, named as Mexico's best, is the resident chef of Grand Velas Resorts' Cocina de Autor, named by Food and wine Magazine as one of the best dining experiences in the world. The restaurant is the pièce de résistance in Grand Velas' lineup of fine dining options and gourmet room service at their award winning resorts.

Spicy Mojo Rib Eye Steaks


250 g rib eye

Spicy Mojo:

1 pc eggplant

4 pcs garlic

100 g dry pambazo mushrooms

4 pcs peppers

80 g almonds

100 g sherry vinegar

120 g olive oil

Mashed Figs (Iron Chef Surprise Ingredient):

1 pc green apple

240 g fresh figs

Cooking Directions:

- Prepare spicy mojo in advance; Sauté garlic and eggplant in oil; Add almonds and mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes; add peppers and vinegar simmer. Take off the heat once the mixture has reach a full boil and allow to cool.

- Once cooled, mash and set aside.

- Prepare mashed fig in advance; Place all ingredients in a vacuum bag; Cook for 20 min in water at 60° C

- Once cooked, remove from the bag and crush

- Sear the rib eye in a skillet over medium heat

- Once seared, take rib eye out of the pan and coat with spicy mojo sauce

- Place the rib eye back on heat and cook for 2 minutes on each side for medium rare steak

- Allow the rib eye to rest, then serve the steak with mashed figs on top

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