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Canada Day (July 1, 2017)

Looking ahead to Canada's 150th birthday in 2017 I photographed the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia a year in advance. I posted that story a few days ago. You'll find it here. I'm always trying to shorten my stories because there's so much to see on the web and no one has enough time these digital days. But it's tough to be brief and still tell a full story. Here are a few of the images that didn't make it. I hope you like the finished story anyway.

A sign in the Museum of Immigration

CSS Acadia, using the Keyline Art Filter in my Olympus OMD camera, then maximizing Vibrance in Adobe Lightroom. In the end, I went with more of a photographic than painterly look.

My dessert at STORIES Restaurant as it collapsed in slow motion immediately after I had made my shot and was setting up for one more. So I ate it instead.

#MuseumofImmigration #Halifax #NovaScotia

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