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  • Gary Crallé

A Refreshing Summer Garden

This summer Lis has been labouring intensely to make her backyard garden less labour intensive. In the meantime, I feel refreshed just being in it. Urban spaces may be a long way from the fabled hanging gardens of Babylon, but they're refreshing nonetheless.

The changing light, colours, texture and fragrances are intoxicating. Simply recording details with a phone or camera can be a wonderful way to relax. And the cat? Meet Charlie, a neighbour who often visits to survey his self-proclaimed domaine from our deck, between frequent forays into the veldt to check for dangerous predators.

Photos L-R, top to bottom rain drops on an iris leaf, early evening light after a shower, Charlie

a coneflower, begonias and creeping jenny, day lilly

a monarch butterfly on a coneflower, peewee hydrangea, potted flowers and herbs

geranium, pistol of a begonia, day lilly

Photos and text

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All Rights Reserved

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