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Hidden Everyday Views

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With COVID at our doorsteps, none of us is on a mission to Mars anytime soon, but here’s a suggestion on how to appreciate your own space while tapping into your dormant creativity.

For me it began with a simple test of a camera lens: Sony’s highly regarded 55mm f1.8, representing a ‘normal’ angle of view in photography. But it quickly went way beyond that into a personal project to find interesting views in everyday spaces.

The only restrictions I gave myself would be: 1) to use either a 55mm Sony or 60mm Olympus (macro) focal length lens, and 2) to look inside just one designated box: our house.

For the next 30 days I’ll be posting one "found" photograph daily of something in the house. I'll bet there are views hidden in plain sight waiting to be discovered in all our homes. With stories too.

Day 1 In the front hall a vase of dried flowers rests on a hand painted chest of drawers topped with a Peruvian mat. On the wall is a print of a Hurricane aircraft, signed by Douglas Bader, a Royal Air Force fighter ace in the Second World War. I gave the print to my dad as a Christmas present after he had retired from a career in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

For something different I alternate the print with a conté crayon portrait of 3 horses done by my grandfather in the early 1900s.

Respect your space!

Technical: Sony A7III, 55mm f1.8 lens, 1/30 sec. @ f3.2, ISO 250

© Gary Crallé 2021

Day 2

Our kitchen table is often covered with food shopping lists and new recipes culled from some 50+ cookbooks or the internet. We like to experiment and have had our share of duds among the keepers. This recipe from a Rocky Mountaineer (Canada) cookbook of meals served on the train made a delicious breakfast, although the rich Hollandaise could have stopped the train in its tracks. My eye glasses landed this way when I set them down on the table. What prompted me to make a photo were the combination of 3-dimensional shadow plus delicate pastel tones (also replicated within the shadow).

Technical: Olympus OMD EM1 MkIII, 30mm f3.5 macro lens (60mm FF equivalent), 1/125 sec. @ f7.1, ISO 200

© Gary Crallé 2021

Day 3 During individual trips to West Africa, Lis and I had each bought wood carvings from boys who were selling their handiwork in the streets. Our tame menagerie roams across a wooden veldt in our "safari (aka TV) room," gazing at us during morning exercises. Willy warthog leads the pack.

Technical: Sony A7III, 55mm f1.8 lens, 1/60 sec. @ f1.8, ISO 250

© Gary Crallé 2021

Day 4 Occasionally I refer to my set of TIME LIFE Library of Photography books for inspiration from some great photographers and timeless visual principles even though the technical info about cameras and film seems stone age. Digital has given everyone a visual voice; I figure the challenge now is seeing and saying something worthwhile.

Technical: Sony A7III, 55mm f1.8 lens, 1/15 sec. @ f4, ISO 250

© Gary Crallé 2021

Day 5

Lis' hiking boots with anti-slip cleats ("ices") to avoid a second wrist-breaking incident.

Technical: Sony A7III, 55mm f1.8 lens, 1/60 sec. @ f8, ISO 10,000 © Gary Crallé 2021

Day 6

Garlic cloves sprouting in a replica antique pottery jar. Food and drink are two of life's great pleasures for us, with garlic a central component. Garlic isn't just healthy; it keeps the werewolves away too.

Technical: Olympus OMD EM1 MkIII, 30mm f3.5 macro lens (60mm FF equivalent), 1/60 sec. @ f3.5, ISO 200

© Gary Crallé 2021

Day 7

A stark depiction of an old stair rail thrusting upward toward the light.

Technical: Sony A7III, 55mm f1.8 lens, 1/60 sec. @ f11, ISO 8,000 © Gary Crallé 2021

Day 8 Sitting on my printer are film director Mickey Mouse and 3 mini cushions. Mickey directs my work. The cushions are from the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto; I juggle these when taking computer breaks to relieve eye strain.

Technical: Sony A7III, 55mm f1.8 lens, 1/60 sec. @ f2.2, ISO 250 © Gary Crallé 2021

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