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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

I was inexorably drawn to Hogwarts during an open night at Universal Studios for those attending IPWOrlando (Florida). This is the USA Travel Association's annual convention to promote inbound travel.

Universal has created a spectacular brooding castle perfect for a Harry Potter halloween but scary in a fun way anytime. If you're there, don't leave without careening through the chambers and halls on a wild ride that barely avoids the clutches of ghosts and ghouls at every turn. May the goblins be with you!

Hogwarts, Universal Studio, Orlando Florida
Hogwarts, Universal Studio, Orlando Florida

The wizardry behind the shot: Google Pixel 4 phone, processed in Topaz AI and Adobe Lightroom Classic on my desktop to sharpen, lighten and add a cine filter for heightened drama.

© Gary Crallé 2022

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