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  • Gary Crallé

The Blood-red Beaver Moon Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

With the beaver being a national icon, Canadians might claim the November 8 Beaver moon lunar eclipse as their own, but the name actually derives from the time of year when beavers start preparing for winter. A non-technical explanation of the event is that our planet comes between the sun and moon, blocking the light and colouring it red due to light rays passing through Earth's atmosphere.

Inexplicably waking up without my alarm, I threw on some warm clothing (it was 1°C / 33.8°F) and made this photo through tree branches from our back deck. The moon was already moving closer to the horizon as the sky began to lighten the sky, compounding the effect of a mild haze. I won't be doing this again until the next blood-red eclipse in 2025.

Tech Talk: Olympus EM1 MarkII camera, 40-150 f2.8 Zuiko lens + MC-20 2X Zuiko extender = 601mm full frame equivalent focal length ISO 1250, 1 sec @ f5.6, tripod mounted, 5:34 a.m.

Processed with Topaz AI and Adobe Lightroom Classic

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