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  • Gary Crallé

Wade to the Lighthouse

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Our waitress at The Ship’s Galley restaurant was surprised at my having finished 3 pieces of fish plus fries, but I was actually just getting started. However, taking our cue from a painting of Sandy Point Lighthouse on the wall, we scooted out the door to catch sunset at the Point.

It’s not every lighthouse you can roll up your pants and wade out to at low tide. It’s easy at Sandy Point. The name translates directly from the Mi’Kmaq word Amaltunik. (If anyone is listening, I would vote for a name change back to the original.)

The sand bar is at the entrance to Shelburne Harbour just a 15-minute drive from town center. It’s a great spot at day’s end when the sky behind the lighthouse fills with colour. View from a short boardwalk, the shoreline or standing in the water. Cameras in hand, our hopes fell with encroaching clouds, then rose again with a streak of fiery orange beyond the treeline. The lighthouse windows appropriately reflected the very last glimmer.

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