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A Wee Winter Winnipeg (Winterpeg?) webinar

Updated: Feb 12

Even in winter — especially in winter — Winnipeg, Manitoba has some "cool" offerings. Among other things, it's a city with an unusual number of good eateries. Maybe it's the the ethnic mix, maybe the low cost of living that lets restaurants flourish (beyond Covid, Yeah!). Anyway, it's definitely a city with continual surprises, as I found out in yesterday's media webinar appropriately titled 'Treat Yourself in Winnipeg.'

Chocolatier Constance Popp https://www.facebook.com/poppchocolates

On the one hand you can take a bite out of a Manitobar (that's the shape of the province) from an artisanal award-winning chocolate maker….

Thërmea Spa


…On the other hand, you can also refresh yourself 7 days a week at the modern Scandinavian-style indoor outdoor spa. It's a sister to the original Nordic Spa in Chelsea, Québec.

Mottola Grocery


Sample produce such as tomato jam and crostini from the delectable store in Hargrave Street Market.

Nonsuch Brewing Co.


Savour Belgian-style beer that ages well just like the replica of the Hudson Bay Company founding ship Nonsuch that sailed from England in 1630, now in “drydock” at the Manitoba Museum. https://manitobamuseum.ca/main/

Winnipeg Art Gallery


‘Swimming Bear 2016’ at the forefront of the first photo is a piece of frameable aboriginal creativity by Inuit artist Tim Pitsiulak, from The Winnipeg Art Gallery shop.

These socks plus the toque in the opening photo are a gift and unfortunately not available for purchase, even though it's a great way to play footsies with polar bears. Too cool!

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